Spend time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it!

We do all the work…You have all the fun

Done correctly, pool maintenance can be a time-consuming venture. Let EcoWorks Pool and Outdoors take care of all of your pool needs. Our detail-oriented team members will ensure your pool is clean, the chemicals are balanced, and your equipment is in tip-top shape. 

We offer weekly maintenance, acid wash, filter cleans, tile scrubs, and more so your pool sparkles year-round.

What puts the Eco in EcoWorks?

While chemicals are an unavoidable part of pool life, we are committed to maintaining the exact right balance of chemicals in your pool. This is not only better for the environment, but it is also better for the life of your pool. We make sure you have the minimum amount of chemicals needed while remaining completely effective.

After we check and adjust the chemical levels in your pool, we upload that data into a report in our Waterlink Datamate system for you to monitor. That way you’ll be confident your pool is always ready for a dip. 

We recommend pool services be performed weekly to ensure the best results.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

We provide the following services when you sign up for weekly pool maintenance:

  • Remove debris and dirt from the bottom.
  • Empty skimmer baskets.
  • Empty pump baskets.
  • Empty cleaner bags.
  • Skim the surface of the water.
  • Brush the sidewalls, steps, and benches.
  • Test and adjust water chemistry for:
    • Chlorine, pH, and alkalinity weekly.
    • Stabilizer monthly.
    • Calcium hardness every 6 months.
    • Phosphates as needed.
    • Salt levels weekly for saltwater systems.

***We now offer a detailed report of your water chemistry via the Waterlink Datamate system***

  • Backwash DE and sand filters.
  • Check essential equipment:
    • Main Pump
    • Cleaner Pump
    • Filter
    • Automatic Cleaner
    • Above ground plumbing
    • Timers & Control panels
    • Valves
  • Send a detailed report
    • Chemistry readings.
    • Chemicals added.
    • Cleaning tasks performed.
    • Equipment that was observed to be in need of repair.


Weekly service rates are determined on a pool-by pool-basis taking into consideration vegetative conditions, size of the pool, plaster condition, and equipment. Our starting price is $150.00 per month plus tax for a swimming pool with no spa and very little surrounding vegetation. Call us today and get a free quote.

Other Pool Services:

In addition to weekly pool maintenance, we offer a host of additional services to keep your pool looking and functioning its best, while extending the life of your investment.

Additional Services include:

  • Pool Repairs
  • Pool Filter Cleaning
  • Pool tile scrub
  • Pool Drain and Clean
  • Pool Deck Wash
  • Pool water testing
  • Pool Replastering
  • Acid Washing

Acid washing the swimming pool’s plaster surface is a maintenance procedure that may be needed periodically throughout the life of a swimming pool to keep the surface it looking fresh.  

However, since this procedure involves draining the swimming pool and applying chemicals to the plaster, there are certain risks involved which are not within the control of the acid wash applicator performing the treatment.  The purpose of this statement is to provide you, the customer, with additional information about these procedures and inform you of some of the risks involved.

Normally, the removal of water from a swimming pool causes no problems.  Listed below are a few things that can happen when water is drained from your pool. 

  1. Hydrostatic pressure may cause the pool to rise out of the ground. Pools should not be left empty for more than 24 hours without relieving the hydrostatic pressure.
  2. Once exposed to the air, tile may fall off the pool sidewalls.
  3. The plaster can shrink, expand, crack, blister, flake, or pop off.

These problems do not normally occur and are beyond the control of the person who has simply drained the water.  However, the possibility of these problems occurring is mitigated by not draining the pool after hard or prolonged rains, or by leaving the pool empty for more than 4 hours.

The decision to use an acid washing procedure to remove stains from a pool’s plaster surface should be very carefully considered.  Under most circumstances, staining takes many months or years to accumulate.  While acid washing is recognized as a safe procedure for removing stains, there are problems that may occur.

  1. Applying acid to plaster surfaces may cause the surface to etch, become rough, or expose the aggregate in the plaster mix. To what degree this occurs depends on the concentration of acid, the temperament of the stain being removed, and the quality and condition of the plaster itself.  In some cases cracking, thinning or delamination of the plaster could be a preexisting condition and is beyond the control of the acid wash applicator.  Consideration should be given to our experience and if you have any doubts, seek a second opinion and/or additional information.
  2. An evenly colored, smooth texture after an acid procedure is a totally unrealistic expectation. The stains most likely took a long period of time to develop and could be embedded deeply into the plaster material.  At best the customer can expect the pool’s appearance to look “brighter” than before, with some stains remaining.

Tile Scrub:  A swimming pool requires a lot of patience, knowledge, maintenance, and regular cleaning. Part of this involves the removal of scale deposits from the tile, pebble finish, and/or stone features which form, in part, to the hard Texas water. By accelerating glass beads using low pressure compressed air, we mechanically remove the scale and preserve the underlying tile, pebble finish, and/or stone. Glass bead tile cleaning is the safest, most environmentally sound technique to completely remove scale deposits from your pool surfaces. The results are far superior to using harsh acids and pumice stones which can damage a tile’s glaze and grout.


  • Before we begin cleaning the tile, pebble finish, and/or stone, we set up all the equipment and lower the water level in your pool 8” to 10” just below the calcium line. There is no need to drain your entire pool and wastewater but we do need it low enough so we have a clear, dry surface to work with.
  • Our state of the art tile cleaning equipment is then used to clean the calcium from your pool waterline.
  • After all of the calcium is removed, we then rinse and wipe down the surfaces, double-checking that everything has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • After the removal process is complete, the chemically inert glass beads simply sink to the pool bottom to be vacuumed out using our portable pump leaving your pool clean, chemically stable, and ready to use. We leave no mess for you to clean up. The entire process takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours for a normal-sized pool.