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Landscape Design

The dream landscape you have always wanted can become a reality.

Plants, Flowers, Soils, and Mulches

There should be something blooming in your residential or commercial landscape year round.

Tree, Shrub & Turf

From tree removal or tree trimming, shaping shrubbery to complete turfgrass installation, you are covered.

Landscaping Design

Landscaping serves many functions that are dedicated to the Southwest Florida areas. Deciding which plants to use for your home’s landscape can be a challenge. We use our expertise to help you pick the best-suited plants and materials to complete your ultimate landscaping project while working with your personal budget. Many factors must be considered, beyond simply choosing the plants you find to be the most attractive.

  • The position of your property north/south/east/west
  • Exposure to sun or shade, dry or rainy weather
  • What you want your plants to achieve
  • Looking to add shade or privacy to your property
  • Do you want something colorful or fragrant?
  • Is there a Sprinkler System or drip system
  • Decide the amount of time you are willing to spend on maintenance

Your beautiful home starts here with EcoWorks Property Services with over 25 years of experience and where we offer a turn-key landscaping experience.

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